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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ghosts in Irish Houses: Halloween 2

Halloween 2015: Day 8

For a truly bizarre read, pick up Ghosts in Irish Houses by James Reynolds. Illustrated by the author, it features numerous stories about a wide variety of hauntings. It's everything from ghosts who have killed multiple people to a glove that reappears decades after its owner loses it or some such drivel. I'm not sure if Reynolds just wasn't a great writer or if the stories are so weird that they don't come across well. Either way, it's a bit of a slog to get through the whole thing. Also, many of the accompanying sketches, which are usually of the main character in the story, are mediocre at best.

There is a pretty interesting recurring theme of strong women in many of the stories. There are warrior queens and vicious murderesses galore.

My favorite story is about a birthday party that could have come straight from Game of Thrones. It went about like this:

     "Hey, hated enemy. I know you slaughtered my warrior queen mother and her army back in the day, but while you're travelling through town, do you want to spend the weekend at my house?"
     "Sure, guy who has probably gotten over me killing his mom. Thank you for your hospitality."
     "No problem. And since you're here, please help us celebrate my oldest son's birthday."
     "That was a great party, but I'm really old and I need to go to bed now. Also, my men are wondering why you wouldn't let them bring their swords into the party."
     "No reason. But before you go to bed--" STAB STAB STAB
     "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal! Agh!"
     "Well that was fun. This one's for you, Ma. Oops the neighbors are coming. Better hide all these bodies under the floor. I'm sure they won't haunt the castle and kill everyone who disturbs their resting place. Happy birthday, Junior!"

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Cask of Amontillado: Halloween 1

Halloween, 2015: Day 1

I like to celebrate Halloween. A lot. Starting on the first day of October, in fact. My desk at work is already decorated and I'm considering my costume options (I'm thinking Shriner).

In preparation for this festive day, I will cram my blog with as much creepy fun as I can. I'll be reviewing and posting about all the atmospheric and unsettling books and stories I can think of. What better way to start off than with the master himself, Edgar Allan Poe?

Click here for one of my personal favorites--The Cask of Amontillado. Check out the rest of for more stories and poems by the original emo kid as well as biographical information and a list of the delicious and eccentric words he used.