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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

What's That Book? It worked, do it again!

Thank you, The book I was looking for yesterday is Captives of Time by Malcolm Bosse. It took less than 24 hours to get the correct response.

And thank you, Squish, for answering my question. I've posted another query now and have high hopes for this one as well. The question I answered was confirmed as correct as well, which pleases me. I don't understand how that process works and wasn't able to find it on the FAQs. I'm guessing the site admins approve the answers since I don't see any way for me to tell Squish that they identified the book I was looking for.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What's That Book? Well, what is it?!

I have a few books I've been trying to identify for years now. These are books I read in middle school and I cannot remember the titles for the life of me.

A plea on this blog did once get me a response through Facebook and my trusty high school English teacher, but there's another book that's been bugging me lately.

Casting around online, I found and decided to join and post on there.  
Here's what I said:

I probably read this in the late 1990s and I'm guessing it was published within ten years before that. Young adult fiction, but rather mature subjects. A teenage girl is orphaned and has to take care of her younger brother. They are traveling on foot and she meets a young man who wants to be a knight and seduces her. He's later murdered.
She is raped by two men and I think her brother might die later in the book. I'm pretty sure she has sex for money at least once. (This is definitely not a book I should have been allowed to get my hands on at that age, but it was in the YA section of the library...) The plague is coming through and I think she is living in a town and working as a servant when this happens.
The edition I read was hardback and the cover was rusty red and had sort of a creepy medieval woodcut feel and there may have been a picture of a clock somewhere on the front.

But before I posted my question, I answered one for someone else or at least gave it my best stab. The search functions aren't great, but a lot of people seem to have gotten answers to their book quandaries. Here's hoping I'll be one of them.

That being said, if you have any idea what book I'm talking about, please let me know!