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Monday, October 10, 2016

Disgraced, Ayad Akhtar

If you're looking for a play that may offend EVERYONE, this is it. Brutally honest about the way people view themselves and other races and religions, Disgraced is a roller coaster of cringe-worthy moments. Did he really just say that?! Oh he's not going to--yes, yes he is, ok.

There is something very satisfying about watching someone open up about their secret thoughts to the extent that they implode and destroy their entire lives. The ancient Greeks knew where it was at #catharsis

And we all have those thoughts, to some extent. Whether the thoughts are fleeting or they form the background for our entire lives, at some point we all judge others on appearance, religion, nationality, or race. For some of us, as with Amir, we judge our own kind harshly too. For most educated people, there is a strong element of self-hatred that comes from feeling pride in something we know we should not be proud of.

I have not seen this staged and can only imagine the impact of seeing live human beings enact these sentiments. Definitely a work that will make you think long and hard about a lot of issues.