It's a good book, but it's not my Typee...

About me me me!

I'm Athena Garner Williams: native of the South, voracious reader, and user of outdated vocabulary words. I'm Christian and a Conservative, but that doesn't stop me from reading and enjoying ALL kinds of books. My books are just like my friends: varied and lovable. There are few things more important than learning and understanding everything you can. So I gobble up fiction, nonfiction, fat books, skinny books, good books and (more reluctantly) bad books. Once I've started a book, I make myself finish it, even if it takes a decade. If a book is good at being the kind of book it is, then I will likely love it.

My blog is devoted to all things literary, but specifically reviews of books I have read. Sometimes I just complain about how many books I want to read. I know, my life is so hard.

Please look around my blog and leave me a comment if there is something you like or something you don't.

If you are an author and would like me to review your book, email me. Not gonna lie, I'm brutally honest, but can be easily swayed by a free book and a Twitter follow. If you are a reader and think there's a book I should talk about, let me know.

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